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more details in explaining the strengthening and retributive laws

 more details in explaining the strengthening and retributive laws
In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, prayer of forgiveness and peace be upon all prophets of Allah and His messengers, Allah’s peace, mercy and His blessings be upon you my beloveds the best foremost supporters..Goodly patience till one of the prominent scholars dares to (come forward) with his name and his picture thinking from him that he will uphold against us the argument in the retributive laws of the inhibiting penalty and the laws with justice of the decisive word and it is not with joke, so let not one of you fall in the trap my beloveds in Allah’s love surely we did not explain a thing yet about the retributive law except few.
You have to know that the mention of cutting to the robber’s hand Allah made it a signal to the severity of the punishment in the skin by raising the arm and the elbow of the executioner in order get wounded the hand of the thief, and the robber who intercepts the way, and the rapist so he would be flogged with strength in order to accomplish the cutting of his palm with the whip then the blood leaks from the wounds, and for that we deduced for you from the word of Allah the Most High:
{..and they cut their (own) hands,} [Yousuf] 12:31;
that He means injuring their hands, and flowing of the blood from the wound.And not equal flogging of the adulterer rapist than the adultery with mutual consent (agreed by both parties), are they equal the adultery by mutual consent and the rapist adulterer? In fact the retributions are degrees. Thus, is it equal the punishment of who found a woman at a public road displaying her beauty without a male guardian from her family then one of those who follow lusts got seduced by her beauty and raped her, is it equal the punishment of that of rapping a woman in a secluded road while she is with her husband, so the interceptors of the way who are the mischief makers did restrain her husband and rapping his wife in front of his eyes? By Allah they are not equal in condition!
And as that he is not equal in condition who steals in hiding than who robs the people’s wealth overpowering by threatening of weapons at the roads; in fact a deterrent severe chastisement to the degree that their blood flow from their hands and their feet from opposite sides, as well banishment from the land to person each according to the extent of of his crime and his precedents (bad record).
The fact, the veiled woman who accompanies her a male guardian for her and been raped at the road in front of her male guardian (father, brother,husband, etc.), isn’t that a bigger crime than the crime of the raped who displays her beauty until she get subjected to harm by those who follow lusts? But she participated in the cause of the aggression against her for the reason of violation to Allah’s command, because the woman is she was veiled completely surely she would not be exposed for danger as the one who exposes her beauty, and for that Allah mentioned that:
{..This is more proper, so that they may be known, and not be harmed.}
 [Al-Ahzãb] 33:59;
which means her beauty would be know so she would be subjected to harm and kidnapping by who follow lusts.
O my beloveds in Allah’s love, didn’t Allah — for the security towns — permitted killing the mischief makers in the land in case that they are armed and they declared the war against who wanted to arrest them to prevent the overcome against them? Verily here is necessary fitting them, and killing them, for the fact they the penalized against themselves by killing and did not surrender:
{ if they fight you (in it), then fight them}
 [Al-Baqarah] 2:191
And the murderer should be killed, the killed (assailant) of the mischief makers is in hell, while the killed of whom they fight to prevent the mischief in the land for the cause to be Allah’s word is the uppermost verily he is a martyr. As well the slayed (assailant) of the mischief makers is a lesson for the (other) mischief makers in the land whom they rebel against the people unjustly.But when they get arrested should be investigated and find out whether they are the precedents (who has previous crimes)or it is for the first time in their lifetime they transgress, verily they are not equal in condition with those of previous violations — in the laws of retribution
O my beloveds in Allah’s love, Allah only mentioned that their hands to be cut alerting that flogging them is more severe than those of adultery by mutual consent to the fact there is no assault from one of them against the other and they only followed their lusts, and they have their retributive punishment a hundred lashes at a public space in front of a group of the present believers. But the flogging of adultery by mutual consent without raping differs in its severity, as for flogging those of mutual consent it is not permissible for the executioner to raise his hand by his whole arm to up-most so the flogging would not be severe so the hand get cut and the blood pours from the wounds, therefore the flogger only raises his arm from the elbow only then beats, except the flogging of the mischief makers in the land the path interceptors, verily the flogger should raise his arm fully to up-most then hits, that is in order for their hands and feet from opposite sides get wounded.
The cutting is meant with it in this position is the bloody wounds, and for that we mentioned to you an example for this that of the cutting what is meant with it is the wounds, like those who: {..and they cut their (own) hands}, surely you know that Allah means they wounded their hands with the knives, and deduce from this that of the cutting what is meant by it is wounds as like flogging the left palm of the thief.
The question that comes up is: Why the left palm of the thief despite using the right hand mostly for good and evil? The answer: that’s for the fact he eats with his right, so always the flogging is in the left palm, and if he was of the (repeated) offenders then the chastisement should be doubled for him.
O my beloveds in Allah’s love, how many (times) the people go back to their sins? So if the cutting off their limbs continued as they claim who do not know that He means the amputation of the hand as they claim in cutting of the hand of the thief verily he who held against him the punishment will become incapacitated unable to work after he is asked to repent then he repents and he wants to earn the lawful money for himself and his children after the deterrence and repentance. How can he purify his uncleanliness after defecating? Thus when he steals once again then you cut off his right hand verily here he can not eat and do ablution, and if you cut off his right foot and his left hand surely he will become disabled completely from the first retributive sentencing even if it was the first time in his life; he gets corrupted from the first time and you make him handicapped tormented all his life and (being burden) dependent on his family and his society! So even if the mischief makers became a righteous people desiring to worship their Lord and do the righteous deed and the lawful sustenance, but with you law of punishment that is distorting to Allah’s religion you have put him in a circle of despair from Allah’s mercy, and he might kill himself because of you for the fact he became a burden (dependent) upon his family, or you make his children or his wife beg from money at the streets to the fact that the one who earns living for them became handicapped unable to work because he is unable to work after cutting off his hand and his foot.
O community scholars of the Muslims, who is the one will contest the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni with the authority of knowledge by his name and his picture of the prominent scholars of the nation who became of them whom steal the authority of knowledge of the Imam Mahdi then he claim it to himself to be said about him that he is a genius scholar; those would be thrown in hell fire. Even if they have learned the knowledge to bring forth the people from darkness into light when Allah left them astray and blinded their eyes even from the decisive clear verses!
O to the major disgrace then, therefore how do they alter the words from its intended places? Like the strengthening that it is right upon the believers for the prophets and Imams of the Book, but you made it a punishment law. And I heard one of the cowards the escapees from the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni on his website of who they do not dare on facing at the global dialogue table but he barks from a far (distance), and some of them who acknowledge and confess that the strengthening is True and meant with is supporting, thus they say that it is as well meant with it a retributive punishment law! Allah’s curse upon you of a lying scholar, sinful one; in fact you describe that Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni alters the words from its places! In fact it is you and who are of your ilk from scholars of misguidance whom they distorted Allah’s religion the Islam in the view of the humans, so is it sane to cut off a palm of human being to the fact he stole an egg! Does the palm equal the ransom in your laws then you degrade its value to the value of an egg of a chicken?!
O community scholars of the Muslims, is it if you were to cut off the hand of the one who stole an egg, so do you see that it will grow for him a hand after cutting it off? In fact the flogging with strength for the thieves (who stole) major things than an egg, as for the egg it is from the shameful deeds of the minor sins he stole it to satisfy his hunger, so how much is the value of the egg and how much is the value of the palm of who stole an egg who you will destroy his future and his life and you make him unable to work because of cutting off his palm?
As for the major thefts then his left hand would be flogged by raising the elbow to up-most, that’s in order for the flogging to be severe then it cuts their hands with the wounds from the severity of smiting with the whip, so definitely the hand of the thief gets wounded and drips blood. But it will heal as will heal the back of the adulterer, but you defect the hand of the thief by cutting off all his life, won’t you guard against evil?
Is he who of the prominent scholars of yours who believed that the punishment of stoning that Allah did not send down an authority for it, and the punishment of the adulteress and the adulterer is a hundred lashes equally whether married or single? The fact Allah knows that the adulterer who is eager for adultery even if he got married to for women so as that he will constantly his inner self is eager for adultery with women of less buty that his wife. But who abstain and turn to Allah with repentance by Allah surely Allah will make his heart hates the transgression and disobedience to his Lord after when Allah guided his heart.
And Allah did not send the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni to reduce/lightening from you the punishment laws; in fact to teach you the religion of Islam the mercy for the worlds who he lifts the oppression of man from his fellow man with what is compatible to the mind and logic from the laws of the Book, and you did not explain fully yet the punishment laws from the Book in details except a little, for the fact whenever we explain an explanatory-statement fully then comes one of the scholars and look at the authority of knowledge then he finds it a strong argument from Allah’s decisive Book then he turns his back fleeing and say: “I will leave him to others than me fearing that Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni is the True Awaited Mahdi”. Then we find them keep quiet away about the Truth! Wow to them from a chastisement of a destructive day.
And we are still calling the virtuous shiekh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi for a dialog with the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni, you should not fear except Allah — O virtuous shiekh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi — the fact I saw you stutter and tremble at the time of confession that the law of stoning the mind does not accept it, then you contradict (yourself) in your statement before you get up from your seating, and that is a concern from you over the book of Al-Bukhari and Muslims Sunni or shiites’ book Bihar Al-Anwar, so keep your duty to Allah and hold fast with Allah’s Book and the True sunna of His messenger which is not contrary to Allah’s Book the grand Quran. And here he is the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni who speaks with Truth and does not fear a blame of a blamer who declares the challenge with the authority of knowledge the bridling to all scholars of the Muslims upon their various doctrines and sects and we do not have except one condition against them is to accept Allah as a Judge between them in what they differed herein in their religion, but allow me to announce the outcome of the dialogue before the dialogue, by Allah indeed you would find the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni the one who is dominant over you with the decisive authority of knowledge we deduce it for you from the clear verses to the point that as if has been sent upon you a new Quran; and it is not new but you became far from the Truth so got out of the path of the All Mighty, the Praised One; indeed my Lord is upon a straight path. So is there of a competitor to the Imam {N} by the pen with lines of the authority of knowledge from the decisive grand Quran in the punishment laws? With a condition that the dialogue to be at the global dialogue table for all humans; the website of the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni. We are fit for the trust and keeping the rights we would never delete a response of a scholar came with his True name and picture no matter how much he cussed or insulted we surely will dominate over him with the authority of knowledge from the decisive grand Quran with the permission of Allah Lord of the worlds.
And did not come with punishment law of cutting off the extremities of the human being nor a prophet nor a messenger whom been descended upon him the Book, nor a prophet granted him Allah the judgement of the Book, nor Imam chosen that Allah increased to him abundantly in knowledge except that it is the wounds of retaliation retaliation, eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.
O community of astronomers that among them who knew the most certain knowledge that the crescent was born before the eclipse and the pairing whether at the east or at the west (horizon) and the sun met with it while it is just a crescent, by Allah you deserve the earnest prayer so we make Allah’s curse upon the wrongdoers who conceal the the testimony of the cosmic sign of the overtaking.
In respect to your pilgrimage this year, to whose conscious they made the crescents of the obligations as crescents of politics whether it is Egypt or Saudi? So much I advised you but you do not love the advisers, we do not blame you to watch the crescent of Dhul Hijjah for this year of yours 1437 after sunset Thursday the night of Friday; in fact we advised you it it became cloudy for you by waiting to look at the phases of the crescent of Dhul Hijjah for the fact the crescents of pilgrimage are made know time, so if completed the quarterly then announce the setting off to pilgrimage the day of the eighth day Dhul Hijjah, or is it the standing at Arafat at the first of the month or the day of Arafat at the first of the month? By Allah, if you abide by watching the phases of the crescents of pilgrimage there would not have been an arguing about pilgrimage, to the fact quartering for the moon is apparent to all humans, and the eighth day is the setting off (for pilgrims) but unfortunately, you became entering the houses by the back side of it, and the judgement is only Allah’s and He is the Best of deciders, and peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds.Allah’s khalifa on earth who says with justice and rules with decisiveness and it is not a joke; the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni
02 - 12 - 1437 AH
03 - 09 - 2016 AD

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