Thursday, October 6, 2016

Important, and a command to all supporters who are capable upon informing through the worldwide internet

..Important, and a command to all supporters who are capable upon informing through the worldwide internet
In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful, prayer of forgiveness and peace be upon Mohammad messenger of Allah and all the believers in Allah Lord of the worlds in every time and place till the Judgement day..
O community of the best foremost supporters, we command you in concentrating by informing through this month of yours throughout this lunar day of it in this year of yours 1437, verily it did not end yet; in fact you are still in during the twelfth month of the sacred month Muharram if you believe that the number of months with Allah is twelve months in Allah’s Book on a day He created the heavens and the earth — of these four are sacred it passes by ending the sacred month of Muharram and it begins with Safar Al-Asfar, and we pointed to you before several years that the month of Safar is Safar of Al-Asfar and I could not clarify it to you before its determined decree in the written Book, and I have nothing but your following to the computation of the Hijri year, importantly I call on Allah to witness and Allah is a Sufficient Witness that you should focus on delivering the explanatory-statement of changing the date of the lunar calendar (to that) in the decisive grand Quran that we wrote it to you since approximately a week ago; in fact the informing should be exclusively on it — throughout this month of yours — for the explanatory-statement of changing the lunar date with Truth. So deliver the message to the websites of Muftis in the global Islamic hometowns of the Arabs and foreign (non Arabs), and to all social pages and the preaching, also to pages of every famous scholar due to the major importance for the explanatory statement of changing the calendar for the Hijri lunar year which the first of it is month of Muharram for the lunar calendar with Truth since Allah created the heavens and the earth and beginning movement of the time-length and the month, also beginning of phases of the moon to know the number of years and the computation, since the beginning of month Safar Al-Asfar for counting the years and the computation in the decisive Book, a remembrance to those possessing understanding-minds, that is Allah’s Book the grand Quran.
Verily we make clear to you since passing the sacred four months then would end past year of the twelve months, and began entering the first lunar year by making Safar the past year beginning of the beginning for the computation of the lunar year with Truth in the decisive Book for the earth’s inside and the outer-side of it, may well be that Allah sends a scholar to defend the basins of religion, that so we explain in details the number of years and the computation, in order to manifest to them only the Jewish (Nasi’o) inserting (extra month) is an addition in disbelief and it is delaying to the Truth, and intended with it falsehood, and that is in order to concur in the computation the number of what Allah made sacred in the one lunar year for the one lunar year, so they would make lawful what Allah forbade in the last month in the one lunar year of twelve months is to be sealed with Muharram, and the Jews do not intend that they return to the Truth in fact an addition in disbelief so they would make lawful what Allah forbade in the sacred month.
So any scholar being famous with authority of knowledge let him come forward for the dialogue thankfully, verily we still have many of the details in the Book to the number of years and the computation with the computation of the moon’s phases we deduce it for you from the decisive Reminder and explain it in details with Allah’s permission; the best teacher and a close friend.
Verily is there a contestant with the sword of knowledge and not sword of spilling blood? And Allah did not send the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni to make mischief in the earth and spill blood with injustice without right, so whoever finds in himself the courage from the famous scholars of the Muslims to have dialogue with the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni let him come-graciously for the dialogue and not with alias name in fact with his True name and his True picture, surely this is a momentous matter — O community scholars of the Muslims — by announcing the date’s change and determining the months of pilgrimage the sacred four months in Allah’s Book the grand Quran and the True prophetic sunna.
O community of supporters, know that the month of Ramadan did not change in its place so it is where it is, and only changed in the number but it is the month that is after month of Sha'ban, indeed that the lunar months for the one year are as follows:
1- Month of Safar Al-Asfar
2- First Rabi
3- Second Rabi
4- First Jamad
5- Second Jamad
6- Rajab
7- Sha`ban
8- Ramadan
9- Shawwal
10- Dhul Al-Qi`da
11- Dhul Hijjah
12- Muharram
..And peace be upon the messengers, and praise be to Allah Lord of the worlds 

Your brother; the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni

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