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An important announcement from Imam Mahdi in regard people of the Cave and Al-Raqeem son of Mary, prayers of forgiveness and peace be upon them

An important announcement from Imam Mahdi in regard people of the Cave and Al-Raqeem son of Mary, prayers of forgiveness and peace be upon them

In the name of Allah the All Merciful, the Most Merciful. Prayers of forgiveness and peace be upon my grandfather Mohammad and his purified family and all the best foremost supporters, and form them; the beloved of my heart Ahmad Al-Wassabi and Osamah Al-Yemeni the beloved of the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni — the last of whom we instructed them to make agreement with the owners of Al-Aqmar village, what an excellent (two) men who do not fear — (for the cause) of Allah — the censure of any censurer, and they did not reach to convince all parties, so some of them who says: “Let the Imam Nasser Mohammad come to show us the way to the companions of the cave”. But their goal only is to pinpoint the exact location of the cave then they stir up a virtual sedition among them, so they get rid off apostles of the Imam Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni, then they excavate it searching for the treasures, the fact that is an archaeological region, and that is their goal of knowledge.
And they had harmed Salih with unjust allegations because of his guests the apostles of the Imam Mahdi, and Salih was hiding the matter from them (apostles) so they do not think of him unjustly that he wants them to leave from his hospitality.
Then we say: O my beloved Ahmad Al-Wassabi and Osamah Al-Yemeni; what an excellent men (you are), you have done all what you in your scope and above your capability, and we have met Salih and was accompanying me the man who entered — before number of years — into (where) the coffin of tranquility (Taboot Al-Sakeena) until when he opened the coffin so he found a man of a great stature reclining by the length of the coffin, and he thought that he is awake; while he is sleeping a deep sleep, then he turned back retreating; him and who entered with him, but Aba Saif remembered the mummified, so he said: "Perhaps the man mummified.", so he returned and opened the coffin once again then looked at the face of the man, lo and behold, as if he (the deep-sleeping man) is about to speak to him to the fact he is with opened eyes, so he looked at him, lo and behold, he is with his fat and flesh undoubtedly with no atrophies in his Body, and feared that he is (Efreet) jinny, so he (may) wake him up from his sleep, then he returned the upper door (top-lid) of the coffin with all calmness, and he looked at what is around him in the Dome mosque surely, lo and behold he sees a stony door by the wall and on the door an opening, so he illuminated into the opening with the light of electric (battery-powered) flashlight of a distance while he is by the side of the coffin, lo and behold the light is penetrating the opening to a dark entrance; which it leads to a dark entrance, so he realized that this stony door is up to something, then he said: “Maybe this is a king who is in the coffin and in that dark place is his treasures”. Then he took off towards the door of the wall and before he reaches to it with three steps his feet been fixed to the ground with Allah’s might, and he could not go forward one step to the door of the wall! And that is a mercy of Allah for the fact if he opened the door he would have seen the companions of the cave and their dog is outstretching its paws at the entrance, surely then his mind would have deviated. And (all) matters are returned to Allah. But he felt with extreme dismay despite that Aba Saif is very strong, then he turned back retreating and did not return.

O folks, our attempts are only in sending the apostles to the companions of the cave to photograph them for the worlds -despite that the decree of raising them still not yet until after the passage of the planet- and only that is hanging onto saving the Muslims for they might be certain, but the obstacles are still comes between the apostles of the Imam Mahdi and reaching to the companions of the cave and Al-Raqeem son of Mary -prayers of forgiveness and peace be upon him- is to be photographed for the worlds. And all the matter returns to Allah.
And the era of dialogue is about to end before the appearing, and (all) matters are returned to Allah, how excellent is the Patron and how excellent is the Helper..
.Your brother the Imam Mahdi Nasser Mohammad Al-Yemeni
16 - 11 - 1433 AH
02 - 10 - 2012 AD

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